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Safety audit

Detective Agency offers a safety audit in a extensive way. Mainly, we are focusing on information safety and physical protection inside as well as outside the enterprise.

Nowadays, an information is the biggest value. It is being collected in many ways legal or illegal. Unfortunately, in most cases these are just business frauds. Of course it can be caused by the lack of knowledge of employees.

Our detective services are focused on identifying and showing this points of the company which are responsible for information leak. What is important, we also consult with our clients and use our knowledge and experience to advice them how to protect their enterprise.

After our services you can be sure that you are not spied or eavesdropped.

By using our appropriate technological system, an experience, an analytic evaluation detective will objectively assess the safety of your company and eliminate real threats.

Pursuing debts We offer the whole range of services connected with pursuing debts and legal consulting. Our help is very useful in limiting the costs of leading an enterprise and limiting the risk of signing contracts.

In the process of recovering money we offer:

Negotiations with debtors
Activities aiming at accepting the debt
Activities aiming at establishing debtor`s estate
Consulting in the process of debt management and safety

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