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Control of employees

The Detective Agency MG possesses a strong technological base which enables us to provide many services in order to control your employees inside as well as outside your company.

The majority of entrepreneurs suspect their employees of ignoring their work and dealing with the private issues during the work. However, the most dangerous practice for a company is a business fraud. In such cases (even suspicion) the best choice is to conduct a surveillance of the employee and verify what she/he does during the work. In the case of using a company`s car it is also important to track it and check if the car is being used in a proper way.

Another, more and more popular problem is buying employees. Unfair competition may do such practices to take over your clients. It is worth to remember that it is not happening in a just one day process of changing side last quiet long.

All the information collected by the detective may lead to avoiding any disappointment and losses.

Possible services in the field of verification and control of employee:

Discrete observation of employees
Control of company`s computers
Tracking company`s cars
Estimating the loyalty of employees
Collecting evidences in case of business fraud
Verification of employee`s background
Establishing present employee`s whereabouts

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