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Legal cooperation

A huge number of cases which we work on in connected with the law and a court. Bearing in mind the client`s interest and comfort, Detective Agency MG has began an cooperation with experienced lawyer, Mr. Krasimir Karkoszka. Because of that fact, our clients have a complex and professional service.

The majority of detective agencies in Poland claims that they offer legal help, however, they do not have any employee who is specialized only in a law usually they are just detectives which have some basic knowledge. To be a lawyer, it is not enough to graduate a university. It means that somebody has a huge experience, gained during many years of work. Only that person can be specialized in law, and this is the reason why Detective Agency MG has decided to cooperate with Mr. Karkoszka.

If you have decided to cooperate with our Agency, you can be sure that will be given the best and the most professional care legal and psychological.


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