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Offer for banks and insurance company

Detective Agency MG is one of the few companies in Poland which can offer professional and diligent services for banks and insurance companies.

Our detectives are experienced experts in the field of business investigations. Through discreet and credible services we supply many companies with the security of transactions as well as verification of all insurance or financial claims.

It is obvious that in a banking it is extremely important to verify the background of potential contractor or borrower and what is more to analyze the state of the present wealth. Such services are offered by Detective Agency MG.

Business detective because of his entitlements is able to find out many essential information which are not available in official sources. What is important, each of our acts is based on a documentation (pictures, video) which enable to infallible analysis.

In a branch of services for banks, we offer a verification of all information about clients which apply for a bank loan or employee control.

Services which are offered for insurance company are focused on a verification of insurance claims. Our private investigators collect materials about the present state of clients


Marc Gzik
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